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Megger VLF CR-28, VLF CR-40 and VLF CR-60

  • VLF, DC and sheath fault testing in one device
  • Portable thanks to two-part construction
  • High test capacitance
  • Integrated discharge system
  • Reporting
The portable, high-performance and energy-efficient VLF test systems are used for testing cables with 0.1 Hz cosine-rectangular voltage according to IEC/IEEE/CENELEC standards. In accordance with guidelines, the dielectric strength of cables and joints must be checked after installation or repair. The VLF test systems from SebaKMT have high test-capacities and are still compact, because of the patented voltage wave-shape and the power-recycling during polarity reversal. Aside from cable and sheath testing, the test systems can also be used for the precise pinpointing of sheath faults (in combination with a step-voltage probe). In total three portable systems are available, each with different voltage levels (28, 40 and 60 kVrms):
  • VLF CR-28 up to cable series 15 kV
  • VLF CR-40 up to cable series 23 kV
  • VLF CR-60 up to cable series 35 kV
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