Why Fujikura fiber-optic fusion splicers are better option

For many years, Fujikura, a well-known Japanese business that was established in 1885, has been a major force in the fiber optics industry. Their Fusion Splicers have a well-deserved reputation for quality, supported by solid performance statistics and a lengthy history. Fujikura was one of the pioneers in developing fusion splicing technology.

Why Fujikura fiber-optic fusion splicers are better option

Advantages of Fujikura fiber-optic fusion splicers

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    Fujikura's innovation is the result of combining modern technology with careful engineering. Splicing requires perfect accuracy since it involves welding two fiber optic wires together. Fujikura's splicers are a perfect example of this perfection, ensuring dependability and maximum performance.

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    Fujikura places a high value on usability. The broad use of intuitive interfaces and ergonomic designs can be attributed to their ability to make the splicing process efficient and accessible to personnel with varying degrees of competence.

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    Not to mention, these devices are quite durable. Fujikura splicers, which are designed to endure difficult circumstances, are a symbol of durability and strength, guaranteeing continuous performance even in the most extreme settings.

Explore functions of Fujikura 90S plus

Because of its speed and precision, the Fujikura 90S+ core alignment fusion splicer is a good fit for production and specialty settings that need high output, tight packaging, and little loss. It has a longer battery life of 300 heat/splice cycles. The 90S+ eliminates the need for periodic arc calibrations, cleaver blade rotations, cleaver usage tracking, and human splicing procedures with its many automated and user-friendly features.

Some of featured products
Fujikura Core Alignment Fusion Splicer 90S+ Kit
Fujikura Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer 41S+ Kit
Fujikura Optical Fiber Cleaver CT50
Fujikura Mass Fusion Splicer 90R Kit series

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