Biological Training Topics

1. Molecular Biology Group

General Concept about PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction. This examination is used to identify infectious diseases. The molecular genetic method can diagnose 99.9% of the disease within 3 hours. The training will show the ability to work with PCR equipment, Extraction process, Mastermys process, PCR program preparation, and Reading results.

2. Increasing technical skills

Rules for the use of auxiliary equipment for laboratory investigations – Ability to work with dosers (pipette). Ability to work with microbiological laboratories (biosafety cabinet, centrifuge, vortex, scales, ph meter, etc.). Ability to work with ELISA equipment.

3. Immunology

ELISA – is a laboratory test. By this method, the amount of symptoms of diseases, mycotoxins and hormones is determined. Serological examinations, reading of ELISA test results.

4. Biosafety and Bioprotection

Information on personal protective clothing in microbiological laboratories, General rules on biosafety and bioprotection, Sampling and disposal, Waste management, Safe work practices of personnel, Risk assessment