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Maybo Calibration LLC laboratory serving in the calibration sector was established in June 2017. Maybo Calibration LLC, whose goal is to provide the best calibration services in Industrial and Medical fields, has the opportunity to develop its services with experience, trained personnel and technological infrastructure in accordance with requested conditions.

Documented procedures have been established for all activities within the organization to meet all the requirements specified in AZS ISO / IEC 17025, thus increasing customer satisfaction by producing high quality, fast and reliable calibration results.

Improving the quality of our services through the accreditation process, the satisfaction of our customers and employees has always been in focus. Thus, our quality has become measurable and is used as information in specific decisions.

The work is carried out in a team spirit, and all our employees meet the requirements professionally.

Pressure, flow and volume measuring instruments

As a company, we use regular measuring devices and methods in accordance with AZS ISO / IEC 17025 to check the correct operation of pressure gauges, and we fully comply with the necessary standarts about them.

Temperature measuring instruments

The temperature calibration laboratory of Maybo Calibration LLC is able to provide measurement services at all stages of monitoring the installation and transmission of temperature.

Mechanical and geometric measuring instruments

Calibration of mechanical and geometric measuring instruments, which is a professional work and closely connected with all enterprises, is a necessary and mandatory application.

Mass measuring instruments

It is very natural for mechanical or digital devices to deform over time. With the help of techniques and methods applied not only in accordance with local but also international standards, it is possible to achieve the correct balance of devices.

Physicochemical measuring instruments

The measurement accuracy of portable and fixed gas detectors used to detect potential gas leaks in the field is critical to the safety of both the facility and personnel.

Calibration of electrical measuring instruments

In order for all electrical measurements to work properly, you need to be very careful with the measuring devices. Ensuring that they are regularly tuned and measured regularly during inspections provides a good infrastructure boost for many electrical industries.