Vaisla WindCube Insights

Enables users to put wind data to use quickly and efficiently. It provides full system visibility and enables better, more confident decision-making.

Simple, Cloud-Based Fleet Management

WindCube® Insights Fleet (included with WindCube and WindCube Nacelle lidar systems) provides full fleet visibility and management, simplifying processes that used to be more difficult. It makes valuable data and reporting available to anyone on your team, and its flexible user access rights provide security and value across the entire organization.

IEC-Compliant Power Performance Testing

Developed to work with WindCube Nacelle, WindCube Insights Analytics is a powerful cloud-based software that enables easier, IEC-compliant power performance testing (PPT) and analysis. With it, operators can now perform quick, simple, transparent PPT, with IEC-compliant filtering, AEP calculation, and uncertainties reporting.




WindCube - The industry standard lidar for accurate, bankable wind data


WindCube Nacelle - A generational leap in Power Performance Testing


WindCube Insights — Fleet