Vaisala Autosonde AS41

Make accurate weather forecasts with the leading automatic sounding system and its unrivaled accuracy and reliability. Upper air soundings provide the crucial data necessary for a complete atmospheric weather profile that leads to accurate forecasting. However, manually operating sounding stations in remote locations is difficult and expensive, especially during harsh weather — unless you implement the Autosonde® AS41 from Vaisala.

It works seamlessly with Vaisala’s Radiosonde RS41, which features world-leading data accuracy, and advanced temperature and humidity sensors that ensure dependability.

The Autosonde® AS41 is designed to provide round-the-clock sounding data even in the harshest conditions and most remote locations. Fully automated sounding operations mean there is no need for in-person data collection. This saves money and time — more than 1,800 staff hours each year compared to a manually operated sounding station.