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Keysight U3606B Multimeter/DC Power Supply

Looking for a one-box source and measure device to meet your measurement needs? The Keysight U3606B multimeter / power supply is a full-featured digital multimeter (DMM) that comes with a built-in 30-W power supply unit. This hybrid multimeter and power supply measures voltage and current simultaneously enabling you to perform two test functions within the same unit.
  • Get the convenience of having a full-featured 120,000 counts resolution DMM and a 30-W DC power supply in one box
  • Multimeter: 10 measurement functions including 4-wire milliohm, 8 math functions, up to 0.025% basic DCV accuracy
  • DC power supply: 30 V / 1A, 100 mA / 30 V, 8 V / 3 A, 1,000 mV / 3 A, excellent line/load regulation up to 0.01% + 3 mV
  • Multiple connectivity options such as GPIB and USB 2.0 ports to provide a flexible and robust remote PC connection
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