Trimble SX12

Engineered for every day - By combining innovative technology with intuitive functionality the Trimble® SX12 scanning total station saves time and maximizes efficiency. Benefits and performance The SX12 collects high-quality, high-speed scan data, providing detailed site context in a seamless workflow that enables informed and faster project-based decisions. High accuracy, high quality The Trimble SX12 total station achieves 1” angular accuracy. This high accuracy is combined with our most precise EDM that produces extremely clean point clouds, saving you time cleaning the data later. Vivid, eye-safe laser pointer Aim, measure and mark effortlessly with a vivid green laser pointer with the smallest point size in the industry, just 3 mm at 50 m, that's still eye safe. Key specifications The combination of a high-accuracy total station and surgically precise scanner lets you save time by capturing detail in key areas, without ever sacrificing accuracy.

Simple navigation & documentation
Trimble VISION™ camera system includes three integrated and calibrated cameras in the telescope for simple navigation and documentation.

Field-friendly workflows
Easily collect and check data quality and accuracy with Trimble Access™ software, whether checking your backsight, or doing a live surface inspection against an IFC model.

Built with Trimble MagDrive
Turn-to points silently, quickly, and precisely with Trimble MagDrive™ technology.

Office software
Process data and create reports with Trimble Business Center or Trimble RealWorks™ office software for more advanced scan processing.


Dataheet – Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station – Russian – Screen

Datasheet – Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station – English (US) – Screen