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Megger MFM10

  • Test Voltage up to ±10 kV DC
  • Up to 750 mA continuous current, also suitable for burning
  • Adjustable current limiter
  • Bipolar measurement for highest accuracy
  • Only one single removable HV connection cable
  • Easy-Go operation via jogdial and touch screen
  • Automatic measurement and protocolling
Testing, prelocation and pinpointing of sheath faults. Easy, precise and fast. The intuitive, menu supported operator guidance of the MFM 10 works using the well accepted SebaKMT Easy-Go principle. The fully automatic measurement and evaluation of the measured data gives the operator a fast, easy and reliable tool to test the sheath of cables, and to perform a prelocation and pinpointing of detected faults. The bipolar prelocation supports the detection of galvanic and thermoelectric influences and increases the prelocation accuracy and quality.
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