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Megger AVO®210

2000 count digital display 1000 V DC/750 V AC ranges 10 A AC/DC ranges Resistance, frequency, and capacitance ranges Non-contact voltage detector CAT III 600 V The AVO210 digital multimeter is a general purpose multimeter suitable for electricians, heating engineers, and alarm technicians. It offers AC and DC voltage and current measurements as well as resistance, frequency, and capacitance ranges making it useful for a wide range of applications. It's AC and DC voltage measurements go up to 750 V and 1000 V respectively, and a separate fused terminal is provided for current measurements up to 10 A for both AC and DC. The AVO210 has simplified functions, so that using it is intuitive enough that you won't need to continuously reference the user guide and it comes with test leads that have GS38 compliant shrouded tips.
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