Vaisala Rain Gauge RG13

Rain gauge, with heating option, designed for measuring liquid precipitation in remote and unattended locations.


The Vaisala Rain Gauge RG13 (and the RG13H heated option) are built to measure liquid precipitation in remote and unattended applications, and designed to operate in even the harshest environments. The automated tipping mechanism triggers after a predetermined quantity of rainfall, and measurements are constantly relayed to capture accurate measurements during constant rainfall. The heating element on the RG13H automatically kicks in when the temperature drops below +4 °C (+39 °F).


The body and funnel of the RG13 are made of durable aluminum alloy. The tipping mechanism consists of a divided bucket pivoted at its center. Rain collects in the upper half, and when full, it tilts to empty the collected water, allowing the other half of the bucket to begin filling. A siphon device ensures a constant flow rate into the tipping bucket for easier calibration and more accurate measurement.


Vaisala Rain Gauge RG13, RG13H