Vaisala Present Weather Detectors and Visibility Sensors PWD Series

Accurate and flexible, choose the right weather and visibility sensor for maritime, transportation, planning, and general forecasting use — at the right price.


Vaisala Present Weather and Visibility Sensors PWD series deliver a mix of meteorological optical range (MOR), characterization of reduced visibility, precipitation type identification, precipitation accumulation/intensity measurement, and report formats. They provide off-the-shelf accuracy and reliability and can be easily and economically upgraded. Their dependability and ease of use make them ideal in environments where much is at stake both on land and on the water. It’s what makes Vaisala’s PWD sensors the industry standard, approved by major cities, ports, offshore energy companies, and airports worldwide.


Vaisala has developed the PWD series of present weather and visibility sensors to meet the unique challenges of visibility and present weather measurement in maritime, transportation, planning, and general forecasting applications. They offer a range of visibility instrumentation to ensure that you have the right combination of technology and sensors to capture the precise data that satisfies your monitoring and planning objectives without overspending on capabilities you don’t need. The sensors are easily and economically upgraded for a cost-effective and reliable solution that grows to meet your measurement needs.


PWD sensors are compact and lightweight, and they are factory-calibrated and plug-and-play ready. They can function as stand-alone units or as part of an Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) with flexible mounting options on any existing mast. The measurement capabilities of all models can be easily and economically upgraded to meet your changing needs.


The PWD series precisely assesses real-time visibility; and with certain units, precipitation type, intensity, and accumulation for richer data when needed. These models are built to perform under even the most demanding conditions both on land and on the sea. Vaisala’s pioneering forward scatter visibility sensor design enables the PWD series to provide unmatched, constant, reference-grade performance — even for intense precipitation and mixed precipitation.


The weather-proof design of the PWD series increases accuracy while it reduces upkeep. The rugged, modular design has no movable or consumable parts, which limits maintenance and makes it easy to repair. The visibility sensor is well protected against contamination with the optical components pointed downwards and hoods protecting the lenses against precipitation, spray, and dust. The PWD series delivers low life-cycle costs and less burden due to very low failure rates in the field.


Product Spotlight Visibility Sensor PWD20W


Vaisala Present Weather and Visibility Sensors PWD Series


Vaisala Present Weather Detector PWD52


Vaisala Present Weather and Visibility Sensors PWD10, PWD12, PWD20 and PWD22