Megger MJÖLNER600

600 A micro-ohmmeter with DualGround safety
  • Specifically designed for measuring contact resistances in circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, bus-bar joints, and other such devices
  • Safer testing using the patented DualGround™ technology to test circuit breakers with both sides grounded
  • Fully automatic testing- microprocessor controlled
  • Wide measuring range and test currents
  • High powered and light
The MJÖLNER Series is designed to measure the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, bus-bar joints, contact elements in bus-bars and other high-current links. This product has been designed with safety, ease of use and versatility in mind. It can be used anywhere to measure a low resistance value with high accuracy. It conducts true DC ripple free current testing of bus bars, circuit breakers, fuses, etc.
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