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Megger TPT420

  • CAT IV/1000 V
  • IP64 Rated
  • 12 - 1000 V AC
  • 12 - 1500 V DC
  • Continuity test function with visual and acoustic indication
  • Voltage indication with no batteries
  • Single pole voltage test
  • Phase rotation indication
  • Integrated torch light
The Megger TPT420 voltage tester is designed to provide electricians and electrical engineers with an easy-to-use voltage indicating instrument. The meter will continue to warn the operator of dangerous test voltages even when the batteries  are exhausted. With both LCD and LED displays, the TPT420 provides both AC and DC voltage measurement - from 12 to 1000 V AC and up to 1500 V DC. In addition, a continuity function within the range 0 to 500 kΩ, is included and for added safety, continuity and voltage measurements are also accompanied by an acoustic sounder.
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