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Keysight M9380A PXIe Continuous Wave (CW) Source

Accurate and high-powered CW source
High Output Power In A Compact PXIe CW Source The M9380A PXIe continuous wave (CW) source provides frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 3 or 6 GHz. With high output power and accurate amplitude control, it is a compact, cost-effective analog source, ideal for LO substitution, interference injection, and wireless component test.
  • Save space with a compact, modular analog signal generator
  • Gain Keysight quality and performance for local oscillator (LO) substitution, interference, and component test
  • Reduce startup time with one-step software installation
  • Minimize need for external amplification with output power of +18 dBm across the frequency range
  • Reduce test time with easy integration into your high-speed automated test system
  • Easily upgrade with license keys
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