Atago Multi-Wavelength Abbe Refractometer DR-M4

Refractive index or Abbe number (νd or νe) can be measured at different wavelengths ranging from 450 to 1,100nm (For measurement at wavelengths ranging from 681 to 1,100nm, the Optional Near Infrared Ray Viewer (RE-9119) is required.The DR-M4 displays measurement result of refractive index or Abbe number digitally on the LCD.Measurement can be achieved by matching the boundary line with the intersection point of the cross hairs.This refractometer is connectable with Digital printer DP-AD (B)(Optional) .
Model DR-M4
Cat.No. 1414
Scale Refractive index Abbe number
Range Refractive index : 1.5219 to 1.9218 (at 450nm) Refractive index : 1.4700 to 1.8700 (at 589nm) Refractive index : 1.4545 to 1.8543 (at 680nm) Refractive index : 1.4260 to 1.8258 (at 1,100nm)
Minimum Indication Refractive index : 0.0001 Abbe number : 0.1
Accuracy Refractive index : ±0.0002 (With the attached test piece at 500 to 650nm)
Measurement Temp. 5 to 50゚C
Display Panel LCD
Light source Halogen lamp, 12V 50W
Output For printer, DP-AD (B) (Optional)
Wavelength Range From 450 to 1100nm (with interference filters) (For measurement at wavelengths ranging from 681 to 1100nm, the Near Infrared Ray Viewer (Optional is required)
Dimensions & Weight 13×29×31cm, 6.0kg (Refractometer) 15×33×11cm, 3.2kg (Light source unit)