Calibration of electrical measuring instruments

You can witness with your own eyes that our measuring devices work smoothly and regularly with the electric calibration, which is a great service provided by our company. Thus, we can say with confidence that our company provides a guaranteed and high-quality business infrastructure to many companies with a superior service concept.

In order for all electrical measurements to work properly, you need to be very careful with the measuring devices. Ensuring that they are regularly tuned and measured regularly during inspections provides a good infrastructure boost for many electrical industries.

Our metrological laboratory performs calibration and testing of various electrical measuring instruments operating on constant and alternating current. Our specialists use analog and digital ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, varmeters, megohmmeters, multimeters, ammeters, hermeters, etc. high-precision inspection and calibration. Our laboratory has the capacity to test and calibrate both low and high voltage measuring instruments.

Fluke 5080A, Fluke 8845A, Fluke 754, etc. with high accuracy class for testing and calibration of electrical measuring instruments. has measuring, checking and calibration and other devices.

Devices used: Fluke 5080A, Fluke 8845A, FLUKE 6500-2, FLUKE PN 76-903, Fluke 5500, Megger Torkel 950 and etc.