Temperature measuring instruments

The temperature calibration laboratory of Maybo Calibration LLC is able to provide measurement services at all stages of monitoring the installation and transmission of temperature. Maybo Calibration LLC’s temperature calibration laboratory is a leader in the field of physical temperature infrastructure, authorized calibration staff, internationally reliable methods, wide range in terms of device range and measurement area and high measurement capabilities.

Comparative measurements can be made using initial level calibration or other temperature sources using fixed points corresponding to the level of sensitivity and accuracy required by the customer. In this sense, temperature calibrations ranging from industrial calibration to scientific calibration are within the scope of our laboratory.

Infrared thermometers, electronic, bimetal, manometric thermometers, liquid glass thermometers, different types of thermocouples, thermostats and thermocouples, etc. are used in the field of temperature calibration. devices can be calibrated.

Devices used: Fluke 9170, Fluke 9173, Fluke 9150, Fluke 4180, Fluke 4181, Fluke 52 II, Fluke 712B, Fluke 714B and etc.