Keysight X-Series Agile Signal Generators – UXG

The UXG X-Series Agile Signal Generators let you create complex scenarios when you need them. Off the shelf, the UXG is a powerful building block, whether you want a dependable LO or a scalable threat simulator. By blurring the lines between analog and vector technologies, the UXG accelerates the integration of new intelligence into up-to-date signal scenarios. With the UXG, you can generate increasingly complex simulations and get closer to reality. Cover a wide range of EW, radar, and antenna-test requirements up to 44 GHz Use direct digital synthesis (DDS), so the UXG can update frequency, amplitude, and phase settings in as little as 170 ns, with built-in phase repeatability Simulates advanced radar signals, generating narrow pulses with 90 dB on/off ratio and chirps as wide as 10 to 25 percent of the carrier frequency Quickly characterize antennas over a wide frequency range with fast frequency tuning: 100-µs switching is standard and, for more demanding needs, speeds of 1 µs and 370 ns are available as options Accept pulse descriptor words (PDWs) to quickly and efficiently generate long pulse trains while allowing individual phase control Generate shaped pulses and wideband linear or non-linear chirps