Vaisala WindCube

WindCube® is the most flexible and accurate wind measurement technology available, for both onshore and offshore projects. It is well-suited for all turbine types and supports continuous measurement campaigns throughout all project phases.
  • Bankable data to secure funding while minimizing risk
  • Precise measurements for energy yield assessment
  • Performance verification
WindCube can be positioned almost anywhere (even offshore with the WindCube Offshore edition) and covers the rotor sweep of even the largest turbines now and in the future, including emerging offshore technologies. Wherever it is located, WindCube helps users optimize financial performance, increase efficiency, and maximize energy output.  

WindCube provides accurate wind measurement up to 300m, with 20 simultaneous heights measured per second. The system also features a hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm that further reduces uncertainty and enables unrivaled IEC classification.

The result is better, bankable data and a more complete view of the wind profile, both of which help secure funding, reduce uncertainties and the cost of equity, and minimize risk.

WindCube also brings powerful certification advantages. IEC-compliant DNV pre-validated lidar units are available to accelerate deployment by up to two months, and a validation continuity option saves time in case of maintenance events.

WindCube comes with WindCube Insights — Fleet software, an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based tool that provides real-time insights and simple management, whether you have one system or many.

A suite of standard and premium global service offerings maximize uptime and simplify campaigns. They include the industry’s best warranty, accelerated workshop and on-site maintenance, and the assurance and speed of our global network of 7 service centers and 2 factories.

WindCube is simple to deploy anywhere, with few permitting or regulatory hassles. Turnkey options such as a 4G modem and affordable power pack enable deployment in the most remote areas. It is suitable for permanent or temporary applications with little or no environmental disruption, while increasing worker safety.


WindCube - The industry standard lidar for accurate, bankable wind data



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