Vaisala WindCube Scan Explore Edition

Provides 360°/3D wind awareness at long range — giving decision-makers in meteorology and beyond the data they need for safety and efficiency.

Get the full wind picture

WindCube Scan Explore Edition fills an important gap in modern meteorological forecasting. By providing continuous awareness of the boundary layer and other crucial factors, scanning lidar enables better forecasting, better decision-making and more effective crisis management. WindCube Scan Explore Edition units are compact, unattended, rugged devices suitable for any geography. Accurate and reliable over long service lives, they require very little site preparation and almost no human intervention after deployment. They are also simple and quick to repurpose if needs change.

Awareness & forecasting

WindCube Scan Explore Edition gives powerful data and reporting to meteorological and hydrological agencies. Quick to deploy and easy to use, the solution provides accurate forecasts, providing insight into several important atmospheric factors for increased situational awareness — notably, convective storm patterns and the boundary layer.

Outstanding data & flexibility

WindCube Scan Explore Edition offers full 3D scanning with ranges up to 18.9 km (depending on model), as well as multiple scanning patterns that make it ideal for many campaign types. A state-of-the-art structure detection algorithm detect, locates and classifies clouds and aerosol layers — 24/7 in real time.

Simplicity & reliability

A non-disruptive, turnkey solution, WindCube Scan Explore Edition seamlessly integrates with existing meteorological systems and sensor networks. Its compact and rugged design ensures reliable performance over a long service life.

A sustainable partner

Vaisala is home to many of the industry’s brightest scientists, creators and innovators. For decades, our products—including WindCube Scan Explore Edition —have provided exceptionally long service lives, reduced consumption and waste, and helped airports and meteorological agencies increase safety and preparedness amid climate change. They reflect Vaisala’s philosophy of creating sustainable solutions, businesses and communities.


WindCube Scan Explore Edition