Vaisala WindCube Scan Explore Edition for Maritime Weather Solutions

Long-range, 3D wind data for efficient, safe port operations.

Modern, laser-based weather sensors capture 3D spatial wind data for detailed situational awareness in every corner of complex port areas — making it an invaluable asset for understanding wind behaviors and patterns. WindCube® Scan Explore Edition is the industry’s tool of choice for maximizing safety, efficiency and operational continuity. By providing precise spatial wind data at ranges up to more than 10 km, WindCube Scan can create a virtual dome around the port area (the equivalent of thousands of anemometers) so you can measure, understand and act on current — and ever-changing — conditions.


Get full 3D scanning measurements with max range up to 18+ km, as well as several scanning patterns for wind observations. WindCube Scan Explore Edition provides outstanding uptime, data availability and comprehensive insights that exceed what traditional wind sensors can provide.


Gain rich campaign insights through your choice of data management tools. WindCube Scan Explore Edition offers flexible data management through API requests, communication with an FTP server, or a user-friendly and robust graphical user interface.


Count on the robust casing and heated scanner lens for high performance in the harshest marine environments including humidity, dust, ice, heavy rain and snow. WindCube Scan Explore Edition features best-in-class components to provide continuous and timely measurements plus hands-off maintenance. 4G connectivity takes you even further — no Ethernet cable needed.


Rely on Vaisala’s industry-leading warranty and servicing package for sustained performance and accurate, reliable measurements. Our decades of experience, scientific leadership, and industry-leading support services help you get the most from your equipment over its full life span.


WindCube Scan Explore Edition (Maritime)


Three ways WindCube® lidar is enabling safer, more efficient operations and helping propel the future of cleaner shipping