Vaisala WindCube Offshore

The industry’s best vertical profiling lidar suitable for demanding offshore deployments. Its highly accurate, rigorously validated data aids in wind farm development and innovation far away from the shoreline.

WindCube Offshore

Wind energy is moving offshore, and WindCube Offshore gives developers and operators the power of the industry’s best vertical profiling lidar, with additional ruggedness and suitability for harsh marine environments.

WindCube Offshore is ideal for use on floating buoys, platforms, or vessels. Wherever it is used, it is widely accepted by international standards and guidelines and provides accurate, bankable data to move your project ahead.

Rugged design

WindCube Offshore features a rugged casing that protects its for long-term use and minimizes the costs of repair. It is reliable and efficient across the project lifecycle, and it can be moved and repurposed as desired for multiple campaigns.

The best wind data available

WindCube Offshore provides accurate wind measurement up to 300m, over 20 simultaneous measurement heights. It has been validated in accordance with the Carbon Trust Roadmap of acceptance. This results in accurate, bankable data to help you secure funding, reduce the cost of equity, and minimize risk. Thousands of customers and financial institutions already use WindCube data to make the best possible decisions.

Insights at your fingertips

WindCube Offshore comes packaged with WindCube Insights — Fleet, an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based tool that provides real-time insights and allows you to access and manage your systems and data, whether you have one WindCube unit or many.

IEC-compliant & versatile

WindCube Offshore is IEC-compliant for contractual performance testing, and it supports all phases of a project lifecycle (wind resource assessment, operations, optimization, research). It is also well-suited for additional applications such as continuous wind monitoring and grid-loss compensation.


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