Vaisala WindCube Offshore for Maritime

Localized, real-time wind data for efficient, safe turbine install and maintenance operations.

Wind data when and where you need it

Offshore weather causes significant delays and safety risks during turbine loading, transportation, and installation. Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIV) are already stretched to their capacity, so increasing efficiency and managing the weather proactively can be the difference between success and failure. WindCube® Offshore gives offshore companies accurate, reliable vertical profiling wind data aboard vessels so they can maintain safe and efficient operations. Its exceptional accuracy, simple deployment, easy integration, and ruggedized design make it ideal for any marine environment.


Three ways WindCube® lidar is enabling safer, more efficient operations and helping propel the future of cleaner shipping


When Offshore, You Want to be Sure


WindCube Offshore The industry standard lidar for efficient, safe turbine install operations