Vaisala Wind Set WA15 & WA25

High-quality cup and vane wind measurement sensors designed for various applications under all conditions.


The Vaisala Wind Set WA15 and WA25 are high-performance wind sensors engineered to deliver accurate wind speed and direction data under even the harshest conditions. Wind speed is captured using a fast-response, low-threshold anemometer with three lightweight, conical cups that provide excellent linearity over the entire operating range, up to 75 m/s (168 mph). Wind direction is captured via a counter-balanced, low-threshold, optoelectronic wind vane with infrared LEDs and phototransistors. Both models provide a low measurement starting threshold and a heated shaft prevents bearings from freezing.


The WA15 is designed to handle the rugged conditions of professional wind measurement. It consists of a Vaisala Anemometer WAA151, a Vaisala Wind Vane WAV151, an optional crossarm, a power supply, and cabling. Heating elements in the shaft tunnels of both the anemometer and vane keep the bearings above freezing in cold climates. WHP151 power supply provides the operating and heating power needed for WA15. The power supply, as well as the signal and power cables are available as options.


The WA25 is a fully-heated anemometer and wind vane specifically designed for the severe conditions found in the arctic. It consists of Vaisala Anemometer WAA252, Vaisala Wind Vane WAV252, an optional crossarm, a power supply, and cabling. Foil heaters, integrated into the cups and vane, prevent snow buildup and ice formation. Heating power is also supplied to the sensor shafts, bearings, and bodies to keep them free of ice and maintain aerodynamic performance.


Wind Set WA15 - High Performance Wind Measurement


Wind Set WA25 - Technical data