Vaisala Visibility & Present Weather Sensors FS11 & FS11P

Accurate weather observation data for runway visual range, aeronautical, and synoptical applications.

Accurate Visibility Measurements

Vaisala sensors FS11 and FS11P forward scatter sensors are being ramped down at this time, and sales and manufacturing for these products are being phased out. Vaisala's replacement product for these retired visibility and present weather products is the Forward Scatter Sensor FD70.    


Designed according to ICAO, FAA, and WMO guidelines, the FS11 is an ideal instrument for runway visual range (RVR) assessment and airport visibility measurement, as well as other demanding applications. It provides the optimal combination of the best accuracy, the highest reliability, broad measurement range, and low maintenance needs.


The FS11P offers traceable visibility measurement and precipitation type detection for runway visual range (RVR), aeronautical and synoptical visibility, and present weather observation for demanding weather applications. The sensor is designed to detect precipitation type and intensity and is the most widely proven forward scatter RVR sensor that is selected and used by the FAA. Additionally, it is the most widely proven present weather sensing technology.


Present Weather Sensor FS11P - Technical data


Vaisala Visibility Sensor FS11 Technical data