Vaisala Surface Patrol Pavement Temperature Sensor Series DSP100

Real-time pavement surface and air temperature assessment for data-driven maintenance decisions.

Data for the whole route

The DSP100 is the ideal vehicle-mounted pavement temperature sensor for obtaining reliable data across entire road networks. The compact, reliable sensor enables better, data-driven decision making and real-time situational awareness of road surface conditions. This can be especially impactful in regions where prioritization and resource allocation are top challenges in the winter.

Smart, rugged design

The convenient measurement unit consists of surface and air temperature sensors, which are mountable on any vehicle. Data can be read from an easy-to-read, dash-mounted display, or the data can be integrated to other equipment (such as spreaders) with digital or analog outputs. The surface temperature sensor on the DSP100 also features a patented cone design for protecting the lens in harsh conditions, as well as field calibration capability that doesn’t require a return to the manufacturer.


Surface Patrol Pavement Temperature Sensor DSP100 Series