Vaisala Sounding System MW41

Receive, process, and visualize data from world-class Vaisala Radiosondes for the most accurate upper-air observations.


Vaisala Sounding System MW41 processes, analyzes, archives, and relays sounding data reliably and consistently. Supporting the world-class performance of Vaisala RS41 radiosonde family, this makes MW41 an excellent choice for both synoptical and research applications.  

Easy to integrate

Integration is simple and effective. Upgrading from earlier Vaisala sounding systems is smooth and cost-effective. The software is compatible with commonly used Windows operating systems and hardware, making it easy to integrate to most IT bases and helping to minimize maintenance costs. Connectivity with Vaisala Automatic Weather Stations allows using highly accurate surface weather information as reference, which makes operation easier and less sensitive to human error.

Flexible to use

As the MW41 user interface is separated from other software functionalities, it can be operated from anywhere within your network. Managing sounding operations can be done remotely, away from the sounding station. Additionally, all network users can remotely access sounding data online, through a web browser. The standard MW41 software package includes all features needed to perform synoptic soundings. For more advanced sounding needs, like ozone sounding capability or extended graphics, optional modules are also available. The system can be tailored for specific needs of a sounding station.

Intuitive to operate

MW41 follows the radiosonde preparation process, minimizing the need for user input and interaction. When the user needs to act, using the system is made easier with clear status indicators and animations, and software help is available for additional assistance. Since operating the system is highly intuitive, training users is fast. Access to specific functionalities can be defined by utilizing user groups and their related privileges.

Quick to configure

Configuring MW41 for operation is easy. The user interface supports quick configuration of station parameters, message creation, and parameter sending. The system can also be configured remotely. MW41 validates sounding data to make sure it is of high quality. The system can create WMO messages and special text reports using the validated data, and the data is also available in XML format.