Vaisala Road Sensor DRS511

Precise, reliable measurements to ensure safety and mobility for roadways and airports.

Robust Road Surface Data

The Road Sensor DRS511 from Vaisala enables you to collect real-time surface data that can be used to monitor road and runway conditions, optimize maintenance operations, and increase the effectiveness of surface treatments. Embedded directly into the pavement, the DRS511 sensor measures a combination of the current amount of chemical applied, concentration, and temperatures to determine whether there is enough salt on the road to prevent the pavement from icing over during inclement weather. Cars can drive over the DRS511 without harming it, and there’s a smaller version for use on bridges or other applications that require a smaller sensor. Trust Vaisala to help you achieve optimal plowing and de-icing maintenance and to prevent slipperiness in freezing temperatures.

Highly Accurate, Reliable Data

Vaisala’s Road Sensor DRS511 provides highly accurate and extremely reliable road-surface data. Cars can drive over the DRS511 without harming it, and because it’s placed directly where vehicle tires interact with the road’s surface, the passive sensor does not change or alter the environment where it resides, so the risk of failure or ineffectiveness is minimal. What’s more, it links to an RWS station that converts the data into a viewable format.

Multiple Measurements

As you know, it takes several measurements to make confident road treatment decisions. Vaisala’s embedded DRS511 sensor not only provides the pavement temperature, but it goes one step further by simultaneously detecting the presence of moisture on the road surface to determine if the road state is dry, wet, icy, and/or covered with snow.

Gain actionable insights into road surface conditions:

  • Know the amount of de-icing chemical applied
  • Identify road conditions
  • Measure the amount of water present
  • Know the surface temperature and the ground temperature at -6 cm (-2.36 in)
  • Identify the freeze point
  • Detect hoar frost

Tried & True Technology

Vaisala’s Road Sensor DRS511 has been put to the test so you don’t have to be. The two PT100 elements in this passive sensor have been meticulously tested by authorities and institutions for years, helping road maintenance crews determine, with confidence, the chemical effectiveness in a wide range of weather conditions.


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Embedded Road and Runway Sensor DRS511