Vaisala Remote Road Surface Temperature Sensor DST111

Proven Remote Solution

The DST111 Remote Road Surface Temperature Sensor is easy to install and lets you avoid cost and complexity. It keeps operations running safely and smoothly, with 24/7 road intelligence in all weather conditions, and empowers your decision making with accurate, reliable data. In tandem, the DSC211 Remote Road Surface State Sensor and DST111 provide a complete assessment of weather conditions, and these sensors can be easily integrated with existing weather systems, such as the Vaisala Road Weather Station.

Day & Night Measurements

The DST111 measures infrared radiation day and night, applying intelligence signal processing for outstanding accuracy. This sensor provides an effective remote alternative to measuring road surface temperature, and can act as a stand-alone device in remote or in-fill locations, or on bridge decks. This remote solution protects your personnel in addition to drivers.

Advantages of Remote Sensors

Remote sensors offers several advantages over embedded sensors:

  • Versatile, with non-invasive installation
  • Sensitivity for early detection of ice crystals before they impact traction
  • Easy-to-read grip data
  • No damage from premature pavement failure, overlays, snow plows, or pooling
  • Optimized maintenance with help of lens dirt indication
  • And, with automatic calibration and highly resilient designs, the sensors require little or no maintenance — unlike traditional sensors.


Vaisala Remote road sensors DSC211 and DST111


Vaisala Remote Road Temperature Sensor DST111