Vaisala Rain Gauge QMR101 & QMR102

Accurately gauge precipitation for many different uses, including temporary applications and windy conditions.

QMR101 for Portable Use

Due to its small size, weight, and weatherproof design, QMR101 is especially suitable for portable applications and temporary installations. QMR101 is manufactured from UV-resistant plastic, making it a very durable instrument that can withstand frost and icy conditions. Installed on a sensor support arm, QMR101 uses the self-emptying tipping spoon mechanism to measure the collected rain at a 0.2 mm (0.008 in) accuracy level. It is delivered with a ready-made 1m (3‑foot‑4‑inch) connector cable.

QMR102 for Windy Conditions

QMR102 is a weatherproof, aerodynamically-shaped rain gauge that is designed to minimize any wind-originated airflow to reduce precipitation catchment. QMR102 is manufactured from UV resistant plastic. It uses the tipping bucket mechanism to measure the collected rain at a 0.2 mm (0.008 in) accuracy level. QMR102 is installed on a stand or pedestal and is delivered with a 10m (32‑foot‑10‑inch) shielded connector cable.


Vaisala Rain Gauge QMR101 and QMR101M


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