Vaisala Ozone Sounding with Radiosonde RS41

Reliable and accurate ozone measurement for synoptic sounding and atmospheric research.


A variety of set-up options make it possible to measure pressure, temperature, humidity, and geopotential height, as well as the vertical distribution of atmospheric ozone up to 3 hPa. Get the reliable and accurate ozone measurement you need for synoptic sounding and atmospheric research.


Two ECC-type ozone sensors, the Science Pump Corporation model ECC-6AB and the Droplet Measurement Technologies model Z, can be connected to the Vaisala Radiosonde RS41. The Science Pump Corporation ozone sensor is available via Vaisala. It measures ozone using the principle of iodide redox reaction to release electrons and is the most commonly used ozone sensor in the world today.


The Vaisala Ozone Interface Kit RSA411 is used for ozone sounding with the Vaisala Radiosonde RS41 and an ECC-type ozone sensor. The kit is built around the Vaisala Ozone Interface OlF411. The other peripherals in the kit include a radiosonde holder, cables for connecting the devices, detainer for the radiosonde unwinder, and a stabilizer.


The Vaisala Ozone Interface OIF411 has five measurement channels and is powered by the radiosonde battery. Two channels are dedicated to the ozone sensor current and ozone pump temperature measurement, providing the data for ozone partial pressure calculation. OIF411 provides two diagnostic tools for the ozone pump: battery performance can be monitored with the pump voltage measurement, and pump performance with the pump motor current. These measurements are useful in verifying that the ozone sensor is functioning properly and that ozone measurements are valid.


RS41-based ozone sounding is performed with the Vaisala DigiCORA® Sounding System MW41. The sounding system calculates the ozone partial pressure profile and integrated total ozone using raw ozone data and other radiosonde measurements. In addition, the sounding system offers many useful features for ozone sounding preparation, data processing, and data messaging. The ozone data is automatically stored to enable post-ascent processing, while performing simulations is easy with the DigiCORA® MW41 Sounding Software.