Vaisala GroundCast

Get key road weather measurements from critical road network locations, easily and affordably with the GroundCast road sensor.


Winter road maintenance professionals need to monitor road conditions and predict surface freezing risk across the road network to make proactive treatment decisions. These decisions should be data-driven and based on local weather observations. Whether you are just getting started or looking to cover some of the blind spots in your current observation network, the Vaisala GroundCast provides the road weather measurements that matter the most.

Densify your observation network

The easy way to get measurements from critical network locations that have not been practical or affordable to cover. This information enables targeted treatments, avoiding unnecessary material use, treatment success validation, and insight into the levels of protection on your network.


Use with Wx Horizon to get graphical, tabular and map visualizations, alerting and notifications, 72-hour enhanced road weather forecasts and 10-day atmospheric forecasts. Wx Horizon combines two industry-leading modelling systems: Vaisala’s road weather model plus a weather forecasting system that enhances global weather forecasts specifically for use in transportation. You can also bring the data into your own system with the Wx Horizon API.

Accurate observations

Road surface temperatures can vary a lot depending on different factors. Local observations are critical for improving pavement forecasts. The embedded sensor measures real surface temperature plus road temperatures from different depths.

Install anywhere

No cables or powering required with built-in wireless communication and battery. Get up and running in 30 minutes and operate maintenance-free up to 4 years.

Hassle-free subscription service

Subscription service ensures predictable operating costs and continuous warranty. Vaisala provides the sensors, monitors the network and handles data communications, leaving you free to focus on other tasks. Automatically get access to observations and visualizations though Vaisala Wx Horizon or bring the data to your own network using the Wx Horizon API.

The GroundCast measures:

  • Surface temperature
  • Surface state: dry / not dry
  • Amount of treatment material on the road surface
  • Temperature at -6 cm / 2.4 in
  • Temperature at -30 cm / 1 ft


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