Vaisala Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP10

Get unmatched meteorological intelligence for ultimate situational awareness with your current or upgraded weather radar network. In our ever-changing environment, timely and accurate weather information is crucial to protect lives and property during extreme conditions. Weather radars provide meteorological observers and forecasters with this vital information, and the signal processor must have the capacity to analyze and deliver it. Vaisala Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP10 provides unmatched meteorological data for ultimate situational awareness. Whether you are implementing a new weather radar or upgrading an existing system to the latest signal processing technology, RVP10 offers a full suite of exceptional weather radar signal processing functionality.    


RVP10 follows the versatile legacy of the RVP9 signal processor, used in over 50 radar designs worldwide. Upgradability comes as standard, as RVP10 is backward compatible with RVP8 and RVP900 system data. Better data quality is achieved with improved clutter cancellation, interference cancellation algorithm, correction for velocity aliasing, and flexible data thresholding.

The new processing platform is based on Vaisala’s vast experience in using an open hardware and software architecture. RVP10 is ready for dual-transmitter technology, pulse compression and Wide Dynamic Range.


Rest easy with the only third-party audited, OWASP ASVS security verification on the market. Your radars are continuously protected from dangerous data breaches with intelligent data processing and quality control, while sensor-level metadata provides detailed insights.


Get decades of reliable performance with the most comprehensive capabilities and feature set of any weather radar signal processor, including flexible configuration and guaranteed spares availability. You’re covered if questions arise with 24/7 global support, and can look forward to continuous development for modern signal processing algorithms.


Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP10


Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP10 - Features