Vaisala Digital Barometer PTB330

Exceptionally accurate barometric pressure readings with low hysteresis and long-term stability under the most challenging conditions — even those in space.

Trademarked Precision

The Vaisala Digital Barometer PTB330 is designed to capture accurate barometric pressure readings under the harshest of conditions. Built around Vaisala’s trademarked BAROCAP® sensor technology, the PTB330 combines absolute pressure measurement and exceptional accuracy with low hysteresis and long-term stability. It’s the perfect digital barometer for tracking the movement of local and regional weather fronts, generating historical models of high- and low-pressure systems, or monitoring developing severe weather for an early warning system. It’s even proven its reliability on Mars.


With the PTB330, you get the current as well as the historical data you need for immediate forecasting and long-term modeling. The system quickly and accurately calculates instant pressure along with WMO pressure trend and tendency code (pressure tendency looking back three hours). It also stores 12 months of barometric data for review.


With a choice of incorporating one, two, or three BAROCAP sensors, the PTB330 barometer offers multiple levels of redundant measurement. When you opt for two or three sensors, the unit constantly compares pressure sensor readings to ensure a stable and reliable pressure reading at all times.


Vaisala BAROCAP technology utilizes a single-crystal silicon material and capacitive structure, so it’s able to operate over a wide temperature range. The advanced design also allows for consistent delivery of accurate, reliable atmospheric pressure measurements time after time, even in highly demanding applications such as professional meteorology.


The PTB330 excels in unusual outdoor applications. It’s built with an IP65 rated housing and can operate just as reliably on an AC or DC power source. You can mount it on a wall or connect it to a standard DIN rail, and the mounting plate allows for easy detachment of the unit. A pole installation kit with a rain shield is also available for even greater mounting options.


The PTB330 comes with a standard RS232 serial output and optional use of a high-speed RS485 serial line. It has USB ports for easy connection to a PC for data review and processing with either a terminal program or integrated Windows® software application. Linear voltage and current output for pressure options are also available.


Vaisala Digital Barometer PTB330


Vaisala BAROCAP Digital Barometer PTB330