Vaisala DIAL Atmospheric Profiler DA10

Enhanced severe weather forecasting and climate modeling with advanced, real-time water vapor profiles.


While globally coordinated upper-air observations provide an overall picture of humidity patterns, DA10 continuously measures water vapor in the boundary layer, in any location, under any conditions. DA10 unlocks access to extensive, research-grade data suitable for NWP modeling that has not been readily available before, and doubles as a super ceilometer with ultrapure profiles. When combined with weather and climate modelling, meteorological services gain access to highly accurate and reliable local observations, vital for issuing early warning alerts for local communities in advance of dangerous weather conditions, like thunderstorms and flash flooding.


Improve geographical data coverage to enhance your forecasting capabilities, and create a new or integrate in your existing observation network with affordable pricing. DA10 easily goes from box to operation in one hour, running autonomously with no operator or consumables. Get water vapor profiling up to 4 km and attenuated backscatter profiling up to 18 km. Single lens technology minimizes multiple scattering for improved detection in harsh conditions, while excellent overlap ensures low altitude detection (below 200 m).


Industry-leading, integrated software security keeps your instrument and data intact so you can focus on what is important to you. DA10 provides comprehensive system security down to the user level, and remote firmware upgrades fortifies data management and data sources. Save time with the rugged, calibration-free design that is built to last with little to no maintenance. Superior signal-to-noise ratio ensures high level of detail in profiles.


Work with proven technology developed by the industry experts, built on more than 85 years of fact-based observation. DA10 features patented transmitter technology and has been proven in customer field campaigns from tropical to arctic conditions. Individual factory verification ensures top performance, while Vaisala expertise keeps you covered with 24/7 global support.