Vaisala Cirrus Sounding System MW51

Receive, process, and visualize data from world-class Vaisala radiosondes for the most accurate upper-air observations.


Upper-air soundings are critical to global weather observations, forecasts, and climate studies. Vaisala radiosondes provide world-class data, and the Vaisala Cirrus® Sounding System MW51 enables superior data processing and operational performance over a long lifecycle.

Outstanding performance

The MW51’s proprietary radio technology offers superior performance over a long lifecycle, as it’s integrated design has no moving parts and minimized points of failure. The DigiCORA® Software continues to deliver state-of-the-art upper-air measurements with the Vaisala RS41 Radiosonde, and further improves the intuitive day-to-day use.

The improved computing power enables the MW51 system to receive and process sounding data simultaneously from multiple radiosondes with the new multisounding capability. You can even connect multiple SPS511s to the DigiCORA software to increase the number of radiosondes.

Greater portability

The compact Sounding Processing Subsystem SPS511 significantly reduces the footprint of the sounding system, and the included wall-mounting kit offers further space optimization. The IP54 rating provides excellent protection against dust and water and makes the system suitable also for research campaigns.

Enhanced usability

The MW51 is easy to learn, use, and maintain. Configuration and management are made easy with an intuitive message configurator, system overview panel, and comprehensive diagnostics. System capabilities can easily be extended through optional software upgrades, without the need to update the hardware.

Secure and compliant

MW51 conforms to the international radio and electrical requirements, ensuring safe and compliant operations. The system uses industry-leading security measures, protecting against data threats and unauthorized access. Regular security and software updates provide data integrity and peace of mind.