Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS810

Get to know the next-generation weather station for accurate, actionable surface weather insights and all-in-one value. The Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS810 enables modern, high-quality surface weather observation networks anywhere in the world. It is a comprehensive measurement, communication, and data monitoring solution that makes modern observation networks easy to create, manage, and maintain over a long lifespan. With sensors, equipment, and analysis conveniently bundled, the AWS810 makes surface observation networks easy to create and manage.

Enhanced by the open-design Vaisala Data Management Unit DMU801, AWS810 allows unprecedented flexibility and design freedom. It is a one-stop, complete network solution that meets today’s needs while enabling unmatched future-readiness.

AWS810 provides excellent expandability and flexibility, with an ability to integrate more analog and digital sensors than anyone in the industry. AWS810 also provides a multitude of configuration and connectivity options, plus it can be integrated to virtually any current and future communication technologies.

AWS810 is powered by Vaisala Data Management Unit DMU801, which represents a substantial evolution in open system design. It is the powerful engine that drives superior weather intelligence. A modern solution for acquiring, managing, and transferring weather sensor data, it is easy to configure, integrate, and scale — enabling high-quality networks with modern security features and the reliability Vaisala products are known for.

The DMU801 is the digital foundation of AWS810. Together, these technologies provide adaptability, integration, and simple operation — bringing weather sensing into a new era of performance.

Best-in-class security is achieved by superior data security mechanisms built into AWS810 hardware and software; protecting against security threats and unauthorized access. Built on proven Vaisala sensors, AWS810 uses intelligent data processing and quality control to produce outstanding data.

Our solutions’ precision and dependability under the harshest conditions have been proven time and time again. The robust design of the AWS810 is built on the best, most dependable sensors available, and it has been tested against IEC safety and environmental standards to ensure durability, safety, and performance in the harshest of conditions.

Unprecedented ease of remote maintenance allows for efficient management and maintenance of networks ranging from a few to hundreds of weather stations, thus providing outstanding lifetime value.