Trimble S9

The Trimble® S9 total station is a high-performance robotic total station capable of tackling demanding monitoring, rail, mining and tunneling applications with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability. Benefits and performance Combining advanced technology and precision engineering, the Trimble S9 robotic total station delivers the measurements you need on specialized projects like monitoring and tunneling. Measure up to every task Equipped with the Trimble DR Plus EDM, measure with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability on demanding jobs, giving you peace of mind with every measurement. Technologies to expand your capabilities Choose technology features to meet project demands, including angular accuracy, Trimble Long Range FineLock™, Trimble Tracklight®, Trimble VISION™ and Trimble Surescan.

Customize your total station
Choose VISION, FineLock, Long Range FineLock or Tracklight technologies. Select the technology features to fit project demands, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed.

Precision when it matters most
FineLock technology detects targets without interference from surrounding prisms for high precision applications. Long range FineLock extends this functionality.

Document your work in the field
Use Trimble VISION to live-stream video on the controller and simply tap in Trimble Access™ field software to aim your total station. Capture images to document shots and or panoramas to document station setups.

Field-to-office workflows
Customizable workflows in Access helps crews get the job done faster and more efficiently.