Trimble 4G Rugged Gateway

Communicate wirelessly Trimble® 4G Rugged Gateway is an outdoor LoRa (Low power radio) geotechnical gateway equipped with an internal antenna and a 4G worldwide module with 3G/2G fallback. With three frequency options compliant with many regions, get flexibility on site. Specifications
  • Rugged connectors -Waterproof connectors (RJ45, SIM)
  • Internal and external antennas - GPS, 4G, LoRa (peak gain=2,6dBi)
  • Fast processor - Up to 50 data messages per minute
  • Compatible with T4D Control (T4D) - Alarming, reports and analysis
  • Frequency options - 863-873, 902-915 and 915-928 MHz
  • Operating temperature range - –40 °C to +60 °C

Communicate across sites
Suitable for a variety of project sizes and numbers of sensors for construction, tailings dams, open pits, bridges, railways, roadway projects and more.

Simple data transfer
Data is transferred seamlessly to Trimble 4D Control™ (T4D) monitoring software for automated reporting, alarming and analysis.

Stay connected
Connect the project site’s wireless geotechnical sensors and data loggers to the office through a cellular or local network up to 15 km away.

Waterproof, rugged and durable
External waterproof connectors eliminating the need to open the casing during installation.