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Megger Teleflex® SX-1

  • Standalone operation or operation in conjunction with surge wave generators (thumpers)
  • Single jog dial operation with piechart interface and No-User-Intervention Auto mode ARM®
  • Multishot technology with 15 fault traces per arc reflection shot
  • ProRange distance-dependent de-attenuation for significantly improved images of far-away reflections
  • Supports all existing HV prelocation methods
  • Auto-ranging cable end recognition, Auto-find cursor to fault position
  • Rugged, robust, outdoor field-ready case
The Teleflex® SX-1 is a portable 2-channel time domain reflectometer (TDR) designed to provide quick, effective, accurate and safe prelocation of faults in cable installations. Operation of the instrument is via a single jog dial and an intuitive, well-proven piechart interface. The large and bright colour display with touchscreen functionality further enhances operator comfort and supports rapid and accurate results. The Teleflex SX-1 is powered from its internal rechargeable battery and may be operated in battery only mode or via smart charger connected to a mains power supply.
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