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Megger STX 40

  • True portable outdoor-ready unit, IP 43
  • Very easy to use “turn&click” single  rotary knob interface
  • Surge/Thump energy 2,000 Joule
  • DC testing up to 40 kV, surging/thumping  up to 32 kV, burning up to 40 kV
  • Prelocation methods: Inductive ARM with Multishot, ICE and DECAY
  • Built-in safety circuits for earth connection monitoring (F-Ohm) and touch potential monitoring (F-Voltage)
  • Full TDR control of all HV functions
The STX40 is the most powerful and most modern port-able fault location system in the market. It is ideally suited for proof testing, analysing, prelocating and pinpointing of faults on extruded low voltage and medium voltage XLPE- and EPR-insulated cables. With its 40 kV DC source and a potent high frequency burner it is also highly capable and effective on PILC cables as well. The STX40 is fully automated with motorised HV switches controlled by either the rotary knob or the industry-grade colour touchscreen.
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