Radiodetection RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator

Mapping and Digital Solutions Precision Locator Range Locate and map buried utilities in a single operation with the RD8200SG - Survey Grade. The RD8200SG is our most advanced, combined mapping and utility locating solution that enables users to map buried utilities with survey grade accuracy. Map It Your Way Flexibility is at the heart of our mapping solutions, allowing customers to choose the solution that is most suitable for their business. We offer turnkey solutions for those new to the world of utility mapping, while utility mapping experts can connect into their advanced systems.
Radiodetection RD8200SG Flexibility to work with the system that works for your business
  • Choose your preferred mobile app and correction service provider.
  • Industry standard file formats to use with your mapping software.
  • Directly export the data from the locator with RD Manager Online.
  • Use any Android phone or tablet*
  • *Minimum operating system required.
Locate experts. Integrate mapping into your utility locate procedures.
  • Build a comprehensive inventory of large, buried infrastructure networks.
  • Minimal additional training for utility operators.
  • No separate resources required for utility mapping.
Mapping experts. Integrate utility locating into your mapping procedures.
  • Walk the line once.
  • Simultaneously map and locate utilities, without compromising on quality.
  • Locate as accurately as possible, map as accurately as possible.
Designed for continuous use in the field
  • Integrated GNSS antenna.
  • Automatic antenna offset avoids tilting back.
  • Bubble for optimum precision.
Make the RD8200SG work for you
  • View and build your map on your mobile phone.
  • Flexible solution, can work with any correction service provider and mapping solution.
  • Works where cellular data and correction service are available.
Ergonomic design, premium quality
  • Lightweight and ergonomic.
  • Rugged design to cope with real world conditions such as rain, dirt and extreme temperatures.
  • Designed and built in the United Kingdom.
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