Radiodetection PCMx Pipeline Current Mapper system

PCMx Pipeline integrity and corrosion control Radiodetection’s PCMx system enables corrosion and Cathodic Protection System (CPS) professionals to evaluate the condition and effectiveness of pipeline coatings. Users can locate faults and holidays in the coatings, and identify shorts caused by contact to other structures. Our portable 25W transmitter represents a major advance in portability and usability. PCMx enables pipeline managers to identify and prioritise preventative maintenance on pipelines; extending asset life by identifying possible sources of corrosion at an early stage. The system can be used to conduct ACCA and ACVG surveys in accordance with ANSI/NACE SP0502-2010 ‘Standard Practice for Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology’. These surveys, which may be conducted separately or simultaneously, can be used to locate and pinpoint coating defects or identify shorts made by contacts with other structures. Removal of the detachable foot leaves a fully-featured RD8100PDLG pipe and cable locator. Depth of cover and GPS positional data is also captured.
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