Keysight N9324C Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA)

Tough-to-Beat Microwave Performance up to 20 GHz
Achieve higher productivity with the Keysight N9324C basic spectrum analyzer (BSA). Get proven test efficiency, best-in-class usability, and flexibility to adapt to new requirements.
  • Provides fast RF spectrum analysis from 1 MHz to 20 GHz
  • Comes equipped with a tracking generator for stimulus-response tests
  • Identifies interfering signals from unwanted or unexpected transmissions with a powerful spectrum monitoring feature
  • Supports AM / FM, ASK / FSK demodulation analysis suites for Internet of Things transmitter characterization
  • Enables you to automatically implement up to 20 predefined measurements and reduce test setup time by 95% with the task planner feature
  • Provides straightforward and efficient operation with marker demodulation, one-button optimization, and user-definable soft keys
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