Keysight N5171B EXG X-Series RF Analog Signal Generator, 9 kHz to 6 GHz

Optimized for manufacturing with faster throughput and greater uptime at the right price
Cost-Effective Signal Generator Optimized for Manufacturing Test
  • Achieve faster throughput and greater uptime
  • Perform basic parametric testing of components and functional verification of receivers with industry-leading output power
  • Thoroughly verify receiver performance by simulating complex analog modulation scenarios with multi-function generator capability
  • Minimize downtime and expenses with self-maintenance solutions and low-cost repairs
Maximize yield with outstanding hardware performance
  • Confidently test components with an excellent level of accuracy and repeatability
  • Compensate for test system losses with industry-leading output power
  • Maximize throughput with the fast switching speed
  • Shrink your test stand with two rack-unit height
  • Get the performance and capabilities you need today and easily upgrade later
Maximize resources with low cost of ownership
  • Increase uptime with high mean time between failures (MTBF) based on first-generation MXG track record
  • Minimize downtime and expenses with self-maintenance strategy and low-cost repairs
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