Megger MIT200 Series

Pocket sized insulation and continuity testers
  • Insulation testing to 1000 MΩ
  • Continuity testing at 200 mA down to 0.01 Ω
  • Live circuit warning (voltage display) and test inhibit
  • Digital/Analogue display
  • Alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • –10°C to +55°C operating temperature
  • CATIII 600 V
  • Conforms to EN61557-1
The MIT200 series will find applications in electrical contracting, both on domestic and industrial systems, as well as site maintenance and service departments. The MIT200 series of insulation and continuity testers are ideal for testing transformers, motors, generators, switchgear, panel building, domestic appliances, power tools etc., as well as fixed electrical wiring systems.
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