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Megger UHF PD Detector

Non-invasive tool for online PD measurements in MV and HV substations Large colour touch screen for easy operation Dual channel system for direct comparison between two sensors Synchronises with power frequency via internal, mains or external sensor for PRPD pattern recognition The UHF PD Detector is a handheld on-line partial discharge (PD) substation surveying system designed for quick, non-invasive surveys in medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) substations. Component failure in these substations have the potential to cause injury, damage, and unplanned outages, resulting in significant disruption and cost. As such, predictive condition assessment with the UHF PD Detector is essential to identify faults developing in electrical equipment so that they can be addressed before failure. The UHF PD Detector should be part of the toolkit for all maintenance and service teams. Due to its high measurement bandwidth, the UHF method provides accurate local on-line PD measurements on HV components such as cable end terminations, surge arrestors, voltage transformers, and isolators. Dual measurement channels on the instrument allow two phases, or two types of UHF sensors, to be compared, making the UHF PD Detector an even more versatile instrument. Indeed, it can also carry out MV switchgear surveys using the radio frequencies in combination with the wide selection of TEV and HFCT sensors. Not only that, but its phase resolved PD pattern (PRPD) display helps to identify type of defect and, more importantly, differentiate the noise from the PD signal. Noise in PD readings can lead to a false interpretation of results and unnecessary component replacement. The noise handling capability of the Megger UFH PD Detector ensures an accurate reading of PD, eliminating false positives, so only failing components are identified for replacement. The handheld unit can either be operated using a keypad or using the large 6 inch colour touch screen and it has a battery life of over 10 hours.
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