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Megger S1-1068

Proven ability to make accurate stable measurements in noisy environments such as 765kV substations Rapid charge of capacitive loads such as HV power cables Additional safety in high energy locations with remote operation Always ready to test with fast charge Li-ion battery or a.c. source operation Tough enough to survive harsh environments S1-1068 10 kV insulation resistance testers has been designed, specified and tested to meet the stringent requirements of power utilities in the 21st century. In addition to being tough, high performance insulation testers the S1-1068 Megger offers the ability to perform accurate insulation resistance measurements in extreme, high noise environments, rapid charging of cable capacitance, and even remote operation for both convenience and safety. For service companies the S1-1068 represents an excellent choice with its flexibility and future proofing capability. Quite simply the Megger S1-Series is designed to work wherever you work.
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