Megger PAT320 and PAT350

  • Simple manual or automatic testing
  • 230 V and 110 V operation
  • Bond testing at 25 A,10 A and 200 mA
  • Full colour display
  • Tests portable RCDs and extension leads
  • Outstanding productivity
The PAT300 series will carry out all test requirements automatically with one button press. PAT320 is the PAT tester if you need high productivity with a tough and easy to use instrument. If you are moving into PAT testing for the first time or you don’t want the complexity of database management, PAT320 is ideal for you. PAT350 has additional flash test functions and is the ideal tester for high throughput requirements if you work in a tool hire company or a service centre. The PAT300 series provides outstanding productivity with the capability to test record numbers of appliances per hour. In addition to automatic testing, the ability to run each test individually is particularly well suited to service
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